There have definitely been some weird fashion trends in the past. Some being years ago, some being recent. Whether you were brave enough to try these, some of them may just be plain weird. Shoes are a staple for everyone right? Everyone loves a good pair of boots in the colder seasons… but what about elf boots? The boots are super peculiar looking cowboy boots with pointy tops and started as a trend among Mexican men to yes, attract women.

This next trend has been questioned as is it even a real thing… eye jewelry. Woman opt to put small studs onto their eyes for reasons that are unanswered. It’s very dangerous eye doctors have said because you could potentially become blind from it.

Black teeth are known as signs of poor hygiene, right? I bet you never thought it would be a trend. In the 1500s Queen Elizabeth the first started this trend because so many royals would eat crazy amounts of sugar. The blacker your teeth were, the richer you would appear.

During the 15th and 16th century, men wore something called cod pieces. They wore it to attract attention to the groin area. They were made from super strange materials such as metal and wood!

Another super strange trend is the wait for… facekini. Though it may look like you were trying to rob a bank, they are actually used for protecting one’s face on the beach. Foreign countries will use a facekini to protect from sunburn.

In this day and age, so many people have felt the need to get breast implants… but what about breast flatteners? During the 20s, all woman wanted to go for the flat chest look to appear manlier.

Lastly, air-conditioned pants. While we’re not sure if these look very fashionable, but they do sound convenient. It’s practical yet strange, but help to keep you from sweating during the summertime. Lightweight batteries are installed in the pants so that you never have to wear shorts if you don’t want to‍. Though there have been many strange trends in the past, we are sure they will get weirder as time goes on.