The weather is still warm and the sun is shining in all its glory so that probably means you’re still getting pool party invitations. Although they are as fun as can be, sometimes finding the right thing to wear can be confusing; can I wear heels? Should I try my new bathing suit? Will my new watch get wet? So many questions yet you most likely won’t even dip your toes in the water.

Because dressing for a pool party can be so confusing, we’ve got a few style tips that will make choosing the best look a whole lot easier:


Wear SPF. Depending at what time of the day it is, you’ll probably still need some type of SPF. Don’t skip out on it because if you like having a drink or two, your blood thins out and is even more prone to sunburn. Unless the party is at night, carry your highest SPF in your purse.

If you can’t wear those shoes to the beach, you can’t wear them at the pool. Pools tend to be slippery especially if there’s a lot of splashing going on thanks to that one friend that can’t handle their alcohol very well. Stick to sandals or flat shoes in general to be safe. If you absolutely want some height, stick espadrille wedges.

Not sure how you feel about that new bathing suit? Then don’t wear it. Showing skin in front of people can be nerve-wracking as it is so it’s best to stick to a bathing suit you already feel comfortable with. You don’t want to walk around the pool feeling self-conscious and wishing you’d worn something different.

Jewelry isn’t necessary. We know, this one can be a difficult one to understand but think about it this way: if you wear fake jewelry, it’ll most likely oxidize and you’ll look green; if you wear real jewelry, on the other hand, you might lose that expensive diamond ring your significant other gave you. If you must wear jewelry, try some fun colorful bracelets that won’t make you cry if you lose them.

Separates over dresses. Dresses are the best part of summer and the warm weather in general but at a party this doesn’t apply. Separates are best because you can control how much skin you show as opposed to dresses because once you take it off, you’re just in your bathing suit.

Want more summer pool party tips? Check out the videos above!

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