Every decade is known for something when it comes to fashion. But have you ever thought about one decade having more style inspiration than the rest? If you want to stay fashion forward… here is a decade to look to.

The 1970s was definitely a time of new fashion inspiration. It was fun, colorful, and there was always something to choose from. A lot of its trends are still in today and are thriving more than ever. From gold jewelry which creates attitude to suede jackets, and even buckle belts… it was the era of cool.

A cool look that anyone can try is a classic black button-down, a suede jacket on top, a gold chain necklace, plaid pants which you want to be hemmed slightly higher than usual, and a big buckle belt to top it off.

Some shoes that look great with this fit are classic loafers. If you’re feeling fun, be sure to try out the gold stacked rings look where you try to fit as many rings as you can on your fingers, as it was super in during the 70s. It gives an extra accent and flare to any 70s outfit!