Tan France Makes The French Tuck Go Viral

Oh the French Tuck.

If you haven’t logged onto your Netflix lately, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has returned, and it is nothing but a feel good, fine cuisine, French-tuck fest kind of show. That’s right I said French tuck.

Queer Eye style expert Tan France won over the hear of millions of fans by introducing us to the French tuck aka the fine art of wearing you shirt only half way tucked in.

Since Tan’s endorsement last summer the trend has skyrocketed. Google searches for “French Tuck” has risen off the charts and everyone from the likes of Meghan Markle to Pete Davidson have added their personal flavor on the style.

But after Tan debuted his third, yes third, makeover this season with a French tuck, pleading with his Queer Eye crew “don’t shame me,’ did I finally decided to research what was the magic behind this semi-commitment style.

It’s all about the proportions. Tan frequently opts for the French Tuck (or shall I say “Tan tuck”) because it works to balance out figure and give the illusion of a longer and leaner frame.

The French Tuck is also the perfect style for the real busy world that many of the Queer Eye candidates live in. It’s both polished and laid back at the same time. Perfect for the business casual world or date nights when you want to look like you tried, but not too hard.