2015 was a crazy year with many fashion trends that emerged and departed, but this was also the year that some of the biggest fashion icons showed their truly trending styles. It’s crazy to think our favorite TV stars from back in the day are now some of the worlds biggest role models and trendsetters, here are the biggest fashion icons from the year 2015.

Zendaya who was known for her Disney show shake it up, and even on “Dancing With The Stars,” she now inspires girls everywhere. She called out all of beauties double standards during the year of 2015, like when Giuliana Rancic made comments about her red carpet dreadlocks on “Fashion Police” and people body-shaming her on social media. She set an example for how to handle the haters and showed girls how to be confident no matter what others said.

Shakira who is an international pop-star used her role as the UN Goodwill Ambassador to support education and child health problems drawing attention to needs around the world.

And of course, Lady Gaga. The singer, talented performer, and songwriter, went from a provocateur to an advocate for serious causes like campus rape awareness and mental health. she spoke to her fans about her struggles with body image and she encouraged girls everywhere to be kind to themselves and to be confident.

Jennifer Lawrence is a well-known actress especially known for her role as Katniss Everdeen in the “Hunger Games” movies. She spoke for equal rights laws and mentioned that she was not getting paid as much as her male co-stars were, while playing roles that portrays women as empowered and independent.

2015 was definitely a year that celebrities spoke there hearts and opened up to to the world on serious issues.