If you use or have been thinking about using Monat hair products, you may want to reconsider trying them out after recent speculations and concerns. After FDA inspections, the products could be contaminated.

There have been multiple complaints that customers all over the country have been suffering from hair loss as well as scalp sores! FDA inspectors were sent to Florida where the company is located, and it is said that the facility is in unsanitary conditions.

The inspection report flagged the company for contaminated product that were left uncovered and filled with old residue.

Monat’s mission statement for their products are good for all skin types with hypoallergenic, dermatologically safe, non-irritating products. But the FDA,bad customer reviews, and several lawsuits say differently!

There have even been about 300 adverse event reports on the rise. Market partners have stopped selling the products after losing their hair.

They are expensive products that are supposed to strengthen your hair, but they seem to be doing the opposite! It’s definitely devastating since it’s what the company stands for.

If you don’t want to suffer from severe hair thinning or hair loss, scalp irritation, itching, cystic acne, and sores, it may be time to steer clear of Monat products.