Many girls dream of walk-in closets, but this Texas homeowner wanted a walk-up closet. Texan mansion on the market boasts many luxury features with the best ammenity being the world’s largest closet.

The Woodlands mansion has seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, with 17,300 square-feet and an elevator. There was initial listing in 2014 for $12.9 million and has lowered their asking price to $7 million.

The three-story closet is 3,000-square-feet and cost $500,000 to create. The $500,000 closet is bright-white, sitting behind glass doors with a connecting spiral staircase. There is also a feature crystal chandelier and a champagne bar, that’s correct a mini bar in the closet.

The rest of the house is amazing with white and grey neutral colors. There is a natural contemporary home kitchen (for everyday use) and another kitchen for catering. The master bathroom is designed for a relaxing spa experience.

The backyard features a large lap pool and a life-size chess board. There is a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen for grilling, with a bar and stools for entertaining. Inside there is a wine storage, sitting area for wine tastings.

Gucci Mane filmed a music video in the massive closet, earning some notoriety. Check out the videos above for a virtual tour of the world’s biggest closet.