(Photo Source: prettyonbothsides.wordpress.com)

This beauty trend that makes you ugly in the name of good skincare

The newest trend in skincare may have you looking like something out of the walking dead. No, you won’t be eating flesh or chasing down your next warm-blooded meal, but you may at least look the part.

Zombie masks are what they are calling the latest in skincare. The mask is named after the radical, but temporary, look dry and cracks your skin and leaves you looking, well, like an undead zombie. But the look isn’t for nothing, according to the South Korean brand Hanacure, the mask is supposed to remove impurities from pores and leave skin firmer and have a more youthful look.

So what exactly is a zombie mask? The mask is a two-part system that includes a gelling solution and a lifting serum. You apply both parts with a brush to your skin and you will definitely know when it’s working. After about thirty minutes, your skin will look old and wrinkled as it pulls your skin. But when you pulled it off, you will look like a shining beauty and not like the cast of Zombieland.