Don’t Worry, It’s Way Prettier Than You Think

Mushroom is in! In hair trends, in lattes, and in life. Sorry, pumpkin spice. The unexpected hair color trend, that would make even the blondest of blondes want to go brunette and is set to reign supreme in 2019. Here’s everything you need to know about this ashy and moody hue.

Its Perfect for Color Corrections
If you’re regretting those babylights from 4 months ago, then you should def go with Mushroom hair. Beauty authority, Allure, scored an interview with Mushroom hair creator and famed IGer Yokasta Perez who disclosed that we choose the cool multi-toned color palette for a client who got a little brass.

It’s Technically “Bronde”
Or professionally known as a medium brown base color with beige, ashy highlights. Mushroom hair walks an interesting line on the color spectrum, but similar to the magic of rose gold, it flatters multiple skin tones, especially cooler tones.

Mushroom Hair is Low Maintenance
Because let’s get real, we live a dry shampoo and hustle lifestyle. Mushroom hair looks best applies in balayage highlights, so there’s minimal touch up required. It’s best to talk with your stylist about a touch up schedule, but a purple shampoo once a week between visits keeps the ashy tones looking fresh.