At D&G’s farewell show, the hypnotically bright collection was glued together with free flowing, blow dried hair. But while blow dries advertise themselves to be easy-to-achieve, it’s important to get the optimum bounce in the roots and ensure the soft waves frame the face. Here’s how to get it right.

With their hypnotically bright spring 2012 collection, the fashion world saw the last of D&G on the Milan runway. Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce announced the merger of D&G with the mainline collection of Dolce and Gabbana, but they made sure the exit on stage right for the label was an optimistic one.

The monochromatic tones of printed text dresses and chaotic animal prints were glued together with free flowing, blow dried hair. Even though blow dries advertise themselves to be exceptionally casual and easy-to-achieve, in reality, they’re very conflicting. It’s important to get the optimum bounce in the roots and ensure the soft waves frame the face.

To save you from the hair-related anxiety, the mastermind behind Redken’s hair team has shared his tips to get “a gorgeous blow-out”.

The How To:

Redken’s Creative Consultant, Guido, says, “This style looks effortless but does require a few steps to make sure the hair flows on the runway”.

If you want to look runway-ready even while doing your daily chores (who wouldn’t?), follow the steps below.

Towel-dry your hair and apply any variety of blow-dry enhancing cream to the roots. The product will create texture and hold. Guido used Redken’s Velvet Gelatine 07 to create the D&G look.

Section the hair and blow-dry using a round brush. Brush away from the roots to create volume.

Once the hair is dry, make a centre-part and brush the hair out. This will give the bounce and fullness to the locks.

If you want fuller, longer-lasting waves, leave the hair to set in a few large rollers. Backstage at D&G, models’ hair was set with several rollers while they waited for the show to go on. Be sure to roll the hair in the direction you want it to sit (in this case, roll the hair under), with the hair separated into a top, middle and bottom section.

Spray hairspray on a paddle hairbrush and gently comb away from the parting in the direction of the hair. This will settle the visible flyaway strands around the crown. Remember never to directly spray hairspray on the hair for this look.

Bouncy blow dry: how to wear it

Short answer is to wear it with anything. From work wear to a countryside holiday or even a red-carpet event (if those are part of your lifestyle), this laid-back blow wave hairstyle compliments almost everything. But it’s not just the wardrobe, wear this hair down look with metallic-smoky eyes, a bright lipstick or even a nude-dewy face, it’s adaptable in its entirety.


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