Healthy hair is the gateway to your beauty and sign of good health. Naturally, you will love to keep your hair healthy and shiny with full of volume. But things may not always go as we wish in this world. Your hair can be genetically compromised to be damaged easily. Hair can be easily damaged when it gets drier i.e. stripped of its natural oils. Dry hair is usually a sign of damaged hair. This can often happen if you experiment too much styling with your hair. The styling comes with overexposure of your hair to heat or chemicals.

The strands of your hair are composed of three layers: cuticle (the outer layer), cortex (the middle layer), and medulla (the inner layer). The outer layer cuticle protects your hair from the harsh environments, chemical, and mechanical stresses. Your hair turns dry and brittle when this outer layer gets damaged. The chemical and heat treatments along with other factors such as environmental pollution, exposure to the sun, and dust contribute to hair damage.

You can easily determine whether your hair is damaged or not by reviewing its texture and look. A damaged hair will lose its shine, will be full split ends, and have a rough texture and a lot of breakages. The hair will also lose its elasticity; will be full of tangles, and high in porosity. Common causes of hair damage include the use of wrong products, using flat or curling irons, hair dryers, too much shampoo, over-brushing, perming, tying the hair in a tight knot, too much hair coloring or bleaching.

The good thing is that you can still revive your damaged hair and protect it from further damage. Early detection, of course, helps. Here are some of the easy and natural means of reviving your damaged hair from TheBarbr.