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Don’t let another day go by before turning to one or all of these fabulous hacks and make sure you share them with your closest girlfriends, stat! It’ll earn you points, we guarantee.

1. Know your layers
A proper skincare routine is vital in giving us that healthy glow we’re all constantly after. A thing to keep in mind, as you’re performing that multi-step daytime or nighttime routine of yours is to ensure that you’re allowing the skin to soak up each of the products in the most efficient way.

You’ll achieve this by layering them on, one by one, from the one with the thinnest consistency to the one with the heaviest. Heavy creams and oils should serve as sealers of all the watery-textured stuff that comes before them

2. Invest in that one, bold, killer lipstick
We’ll leave the color choice to you, naturally, as not everyone is into the same thing – though brands never shy away from trying to convince us that a shade they’re putting out is universally amazing. That said, you should have your trusty go-to, the lipstick that you feel excited about, completely comfortable with and trust in its powers to amaze and astonish. Wearing it and not letting it wear you is the trick here.

3. Sleep on it
Dry shampoo has definitely emerged as one of those life-saving, can’t-believe-it-wasn’t’-there-since-forever products that we reach for in those pinch moments between washes, to turn our don’t back into a do. That said, odds are that you’ve been spraying it on right before you’re about to leave the house all this time.

To get the full benefits of it and let it really do its magic, apply it to your scalp before you go to bed and tie your hair in a bun, if necessary. It’ll soak up the unwanted oils much more effectively and, as a bonus, you will not have the white residue as a giveaway of not having washed your hair in the morning.

4. Surrender to the Blender
Our hands are perpetually dirty and full of germs that you do not want to house on your face – unless you’re really into zits, which, we assume you are not. Enter the beauty blender.

Even if you use one when applying skincare products and makeup at home, we recommend you have one that’s with you for those on-the-go moments as well, to ensure that you have the trusty and germ-free ally (you have to ensure you take care of it properly, natch) for smudge fixes and other face appearance malfunctions. Just don’t a (dirty) finger on it.

5.  Lip Balm
Multi-use products are the best. But what about discovering that your trusty companion since grade school, is also a product that can transform your look in seconds? Yes – a lip balm can do more than just provide your dry lips with the much-needed comfort they’re thirsting for.

Use it to moisturize parched cuticles and knuckles, apply it to your lids to achieve that subtle dewy look and give fix the annoying frizzy spots or cowlicks, if there are no hair products insight.