Who would have thought that wearing heel less shoes is possible without ignoring the overrated oh so high platform wedges. Lady Gaga made this thing happen, she made a stand and went bold all the way in stating her fashion sense. It only goes to show that in fashion, there is no set boundaries and your mood is your best intuition to trust. I guess the fame this heel less shoe achieved speaks for the message I am trying to convey.

Since this heel less shoes attained international popularity and got warm acceptance globally; different sizes, color and styles have been made to adhere to the high demand. I would say that the cream of the crop would be the heel less wedge ankle boots. It seems like it is perfectly crafted for that particular style. Now, I really am not surprised that it hits the runways by storm.

Thanks to this Filipino genius, Kermit Tesoro who mastered the sole’s engineering and bring to life this heaven sent shoe. And thanks to Lady Gaga for being audacious enough in introducing this one-of-a-kind style that trail blazed the world of fashion with this kind of styling.

Wearing heel less wedge boots is super comfortable and easy to walk in, contrary to how it looks. It may look like a sole killer, but it’s not. You can actually have a well rested toe feeling once you’ve experienced wearing one. Of course, do not jump in to the bandwagon of following trends without really realizing if this fits your style. We all have our individuality and levels of boldlessness.

Speaking for myself, this heel less wedge boots takes the cake for a futuristic, out of this world and one-of-a-kind creation. I can’t wait to have a pair or two and walk this heel less shoes in Manhattan and on my way to Time Square to watch some broadway shows. New York City is the perfect runway for model wannabe and for people who simply loves fashion.


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