For those who believe that activism in fashion is just a growing fad, they’ve never been to a Stella McCartney show. The iconic designer has always been a champion of the cause and she took her activism to the next level in her latest collection at Paris fashion week.

For starters, the runway was printed with names the names that carried her cause. Supporters were encouraged to dedicate a tree to a loved one (the names printed on the runway) in Indonesia where trees are cut down for the sole purpose of clothing production. You can a glimpse into her movement more with the #thereshegrows

Image Source: Instagram

Vogue reported that McCartney’s show came with a press release stating that the fibers used by the designer were harvested on a sustainable farm in Sweden. In addition to her unconventional  fabric source, McCartney also used recycled vintage t-shirts and materials from past show to weave and quilt pieces together.

Overall, the collection showcased the designer’s impeccable construction and untraditional play on texture. Key trends included a number of high-waisted trench coasts and prominent, sculpted shoulders. The designer’s standout frock was an industrious army green jumpsuit worn by none other than Kaia Gerber.

Image Source: Instagram

McCartney has always been a head of the curve when it comes to sustainability. In today’s conscious consumer market that craves transparency recycled clothing is the new chic.