Wrinkles on clothing happen to everybody and sometimes even on a daily basis depending on how long you’re sitting. When getting ready for work or school in the morning and seeing a few deep wrinkles on our clothing can really take up precious time and sometimes ironing them just isn’t an option so getting creative is a must. Next time you’re in a hurry to get out of the house with wrinkled clothing, try out these easy tips.


Wrinkle realeaser. This is a favorite for celebrity stylists when you have a absolutely no time to spare. Hang your clothing and spray this on and in a couple of minutes you’ll be ready to go. It’s readily available in any drugstore or super market so be sure to pick this up if you’re not a fan of ironing.

Water. If you can’t get a wrinkle releaser then water is your next best option. It works in the same way but take a little longer.

Shower time. Before you hop in the shower, hang your clothes in your bathroom while you’re showering. The steam in the shower will help pull those wrinkles out of your clothes and takes the least amount of effort to do.

For additional tips on taking those pesky wrinkles out of clothes, check out the video!