Vintage is trendy when it comes to resort Valentino ensure that projects, which caused a stir in the past are some contemporary fashion to suit the modern woman today, but without losing that high doses of elegance and innocence that is secreted by the classical pieces. From the fairy-line dresses magnificent evening gowns, strapless short dress, tight pants, blazers and flirt pretty tops, collection brings to the fashion scene a number of different projects, yet how handy it would be hard to resist, so browse through perfectly detailed figures, because they are worthy of attention.

Help in a luxurious charm collection, displayed an abundance of lace in shades from black to green in addition to the display of crafts made by the beautiful embroidery, to create haute-couture-looking collection that is sustainable, and brought by one of the wonders of “the casual-chic designs. Pant-blazer, pants, lace blouses and skirts, sheer tops addition to the use of animal prints in both black and white and bright pink-red to add a touch bent to project and to give women who want to adopt a more casual style of a chance to upgrade to a cult status.

Ruffles, floral detail, animal prints and monochrome accessories help improve the impeccable lines used in the collection, so make sure your peepers charm elegant shades like nude colors, black and white, red, pink, intense forest green, fuchsia and beautiful pastels.

Visible is given a contemporary touch to an elegant collection by heel pointy toe kitten, which display an edgy chic sharp pins, which fit perfectly for clothing, so check the full Valentino resort 2013 collection and get inspiration for the new look of the season!


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