This year a lot of crazy beauty trends where created by talented makeup artists and hairstylists from different parts of the world. It is very fascinating to see how different talented makeup artist and hair stylist come up with ideas that are crazy that is why we have decided to drop this article on 11 crazy beauty trends of 2018.

  1. Fishtail Brows: With just a little concealer and brow product, you can create the negative space effect needed for a fishtail brow. That is if you care to try it yourself.
  2. Stormi Nails: One of the craziest beauty trends of the year, this nail tutorial recreated Kylie Jenner’s first photo of her daughter Stormi.
  3. Halo Brows: Halo brows are brows connected in a halo shape across the forehead.
  4. Yellow Blush: This type of blush is usually Swept high across the cheekbones and across the eyelids.
  5. Royal Lip Art: this was worn by Megan Markles at the royal wedding this year.
  6. Corkscrew Nails: they look like wine opener but can’t open a bottle, sounds crazy right.
  7. Fish Scale Hair: A shaved undercut looks even cooler when designed and dyed like fish scales
  8. Tiger Brows: this was done by makeup artist Huda Kattan
  9. Goth Rhinestone: The rhinestone makeup Lily Collins wore to the Met Gala, inspired by Our Lady of Sorrows, became a fan-favorite to copycat within the Instagram makeup community.
  10. Garden Brows: these type of brows gained popularity on Instagram and they range from whimsical to downright shocking.
  11. Rainbow Part: last year was about the rainbow hair but this year it’s about the rainbow part.

Now that you have heard of these trending crazy styles why not try anyone and see how it fits.