There have been an abundance of redheads popping up everywhere lately, especially in Hollywood were a lot of us look to for celebrity inspired trends. Not only are natural redheads like Amy Adams and Emma Stone becoming increasingly popular but now we’re seeing other celebs dye their hair red like Sienna Miller and Rachel McAdams. This red hair wave is becoming a hair trend that we know can be difficult to pull of but with the right shade of red, this trend is sure to look good on everyone.


To get the best shade of red you must first determine what your natural skin undertones are. This is most important when determining what particular shade of red to go since certain shades will look better on certain people. That being said, if your undertones are warm, like yellow and orange, warmer shades of red like auburn and even tangerine will work best for your undertones.

On the flip side, if your undertones are cool, like pink and red, you want to stick to ashier shades of red like strawberry blonde or cinnamon. Stay away from reds that are too deep because they will just make your face look more red or pink.

Dark skin colors will look best in rich, vibrant reds like deep auburn and even bright red. These deeper shades of red will compliment the skin better and brighten it at the same time. Stay away from reds with blue undertones because it can make your skin look green.

For additional advice for dying your hair red, check out celebrity stylist Tara Carlson’s tips for your best shade of red.