Spring may be around the corner but as far as cold weather is concerned, we’re not home free just yet. Most of us are still waking up to chilly days and with them come dry skin—especially dry hands.

Combat dry hands by following these tips ASAP:

Turn down the heat when you shower. When you shower with steaming hot water, you’re drying out your skin even more with the heat. Try turning it down a notch to avoid loosing natural moisture found in your skin and hydrate properly right after you’re done.

Hand masks are a thing. And if you love your hands, you’re going to pamper them a few times a week with one. You easily do this by mixing your body lotion and your favorite nourishing oil (argan, coconut, jojoba, etc.) and putting on some cotton gloves. You can do this a few times a week or whenever your hands are feeling extra dry.

Cuticle oil is a must. Whenever your hands are suffering from dryness, check out your cuticles because they’re suffering even worse. If they’re left dry, they can cause problems like bleeding and cracking so always have some cuticle oil and apply a few times a day to keep them nourished.

Invest in a humidifier. Having one of these at home is great overall as it helps put moisture back in the air so your skin isn’t as dry. It also helps you breathe easier so you get a better at night.

Fill up on that H2O. You know this one already (or at least we hope) so keep hydrated throughout the day and help your skin out!
(Cover image: bellanyc.com)