This latest hairstyle trend is for girls who have commit issue and no we aren’t talking about relationship wise, we are speaking in terms of hairstyle choices. The faux bob is the perfect choice for ladies who like a dramatic non-permanent change every once and awhile. Celebrities have been loving this foolproof method of rocking the retro style bob on the red carpet recently. Leading ladies like Zoe Saldana, Emmy Rossum, Amy Adams, Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington, Emma Watson, Leighton Meester and Freida Pinto have been known to rock this oh-so chic hairstyle perfectly. On the runways we’ve seen this hairstyle trend on the models at the shows of Rodarte and Oscar de la Renta. The best thing of all about this trend is that it can work on ladies with both curly and straight hair making it universally style-able.

The important thing to remember about the faux bob is that your faced shape will determine if the trend will work for you, not your hair type. Bobs tend to look fantastic on girls with angled faces, think Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and Olivia Wilde, these ladies have all recently opted for faux bobs between neck and shoulder length. These celebrity Chicistas we’re able to rock the look because of their edgy defined jaw lines. But if you have a more rounded face shape never fear, you can still make this look work for you, just go for a  shoulder length totally straight bob, this type of faux bob will enhance your face shape without making it look rounder than it all ready is.

Along with being a totally chic trend, this look has a functional application as well. For you ladies who are trying to decide whether you want to chop of your locks into a permanent chic bob we suggest rocking the faux bob look first for a few weeks. This way you can see how you really like the look once the shock factor wears off.

For those girl returning to campus searching for a new school year makeover or if you’re just itching for a dramatic change for the evening, look no further that the faux bob ladies!