Mascara is a staple when it comes to makeup. In the video above Lisa Potter Dixon shows us how to achieve three key mascara looks and we are totally obsessed with all 3!

Spider Lash
The best mascara to use for this is ‘Bad Girl Bang’ as it’s a super wet formula. If it’s a dry formula they just won’t stick together. Leaving one coat is perfectly fine, but since we are achieving the spider lash look you want to put a second coat and pinch together at the end with your finger or the tip of the wand.

The Graphic Liner
You are going to start by creating a bit of a hollow wing at the end of your eye. For this look you are going to want to find a mascara wand with a bend to it as this will help curl your lashes up. At the end of your lash you want to sweep towards the end for a dramatic look.

Slept In
You are going to be adding on to the spider lash we created in our first example. Take your liner and go down the lash line. The take a soft pencil brush and blend it then going over it again to add a bit of depth. Then you are going to go underneath your eye using the same technique taking it down.