During fall and winter leather was the “it” thing, from leggings to dresses, leather has been everywhere recently. However, we girls typically ditch our leather items during the warm weather months since it can be a little hard to rock a thick textile like leather as the temperature starts to rise.  The good thing is, thanks to light weight leather, we can now wear leather year round in even the hottest of months. Fun little leather skirts, shorts and blouses are making the transition to the sunnier side of fashion with the help of a lighter fabric and in some cases laser etched cutouts and islets.  The key to wearing leather in spring is to add in some light and bright colors and textures to keep your look as easy and breezy as possible.

When looking for leather items to wear in the spring time focus on color, cut and texture. As far as color is concerned look for light pastels like pink, mint or color any other color that mimics the hues of popular spring flowers. You can also look for leather in light neutral tones like tan, cream, white and beige.  As far as cut is concerned look for leather pieces with shorter hem lines and cropped sleeves like skirts, shorts and vests.  When it comes to texture look for leather pieces that have some movement, this will make your ensemble more flirty and fun to wear.


Try The Trend Tips

We hope you are ready to love leather this spring and to help you master this trend here are a few key tips.

Look for perforated leather items, these will help you beat the heat in style and have a super feminine and flirty vibe.

Look for leather shirts and dresses with a peplum at the waist, the peplum will lighten up your look making it more spring time appropriate.