One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to anyone is having dandruff. Your scalp itches, starts flaking, and worst of all, it starts showing up on your shoulders. Yikes. Although this time of the year tends to create an itchier scalp because of the cold temperatures, dandruff can appear at any time of the year so proper care is necessary to get your scalp healthy again.

A lot of the times we dread buying dandruff shampoo because it smells horrible and can be costly. Luckily for us, combatting those flakes is as easy as going into your kitchen pantry. Here are a few items you can use if you’re suffering from dandruff:

1. Coconut oil. We’re huge fans of this oil and works great at moisturizing so this will help and prevent dandruff.
2. Apple cider vinegar. It smells a little funny but rinsing your shampoo with about 2 cups of this will help with a flaky scalp.
3. Aspirin. Although this isn’t in your kitchen, it’s a key ingredient in dandruff shampoos so crush up a few and add them to your shampoo.

Next time you’re suffering from dandruff, be sure to try these tips to regain a healthy scalp.