There are mornings when you wake up twenty minutes before you need to leave and you basically only have time for two things: shower and leave. Although binge watching probably had something to do with your current situation of “what should I do with my wet hair?” there’s not much you can do because blow drying it isn’t an option.

For those mornings when your hair is fresh out of the shower and you’re fresh out of time, we have an easy hairstyle that you can do in no-time.

You’ll need these styling essentials:


1. Hair de-tangler
2. Hair spray
3. Wide paddle brush
4. Bobbi pins
5. Elastics

Now for the styling steps:

Step 1. After you’ve towel-dried your hair, spray in a few spritz of detangling spray. It’ll make brushing easier and often serves as a leave in conditioner. Be careful to not spray too much as you don’t want to dampen your hair even more.

Step 2. Create a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. If you want to go for a slightly messy vibe, pull or loosen a few strands of hair in the crown area as well as the ear area.

Step 3. Take your ponytail and twist it around itself; proceed to wrapping it in a bun.

Step 4. Secure with a few bobbi pins and finish with hair spray.

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