Sequins are a great way to put the spark back into your wardrobe, when you feel things have gotten a little dull. This year sequined shirts, jeans, shoes and accessories have all become very popular and this latest trend is no exception. The sequin skirt trend is a favorite on social media sites like Pintrest and Instagram, ladies can dress it up or down which is why this trend is so appealing. Celebrity style icons like Lea Michele, Rita Ora and Carrie Underwood all recently donned sexy and sparkly sequin skirts on the red carpet.  Celebs aren’t the only ones loving the sequin skirt look, notable and legendary designers like Philip Lim and Roberto Cavalli have all shown sequin skirt pieces at their spring/summer fashion shows.

For a classy and cocktail party appropriate way to wear this trend we suggest pairing a black knee length sequin pencil skirt with a sheer deep purple button down top.  We love the way the sequins provide an enhanced contrast between the black and purple. As for shoes we suggest getting a little bold and going for some strappy gold heels, gold works perfectly with both black and purple making it the best addition to your look. For a more casual take on this trend pair a brightly colored sequin skirt with a distressed band t-shirt, the juxtaposition between the glam sequins and the grunge skirt makes for an awesome outfit composition.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to show off your legs in a sequin skirt, well here are a couple tips to help keep you looking as chic as possible.

Since the sequins on the skirt will draw the eye downward towards your legs, make sure they look their best and consider slathering on a sugar scrub before and after you shave them. This will make them touchable and ultra smooth.

In the summer time a great variation of this trend would be to opt for sequin shorts, you’ll get the look for a sequin skirt but with the functionality of casual shorts.