Stripes have gotten a bad rap over the years, but on the upcoming 2013 fashion scene they are poised to make a comeback. We have seen designers like Alexander Wang, Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs show sexy and sophisticated pieces with stripe accents. From pant suits to bikini cover-ups stripes are taking the fashion world by storm. Some designers are going with classic lines will others are playing around with the new chic color blocking trend. Of course stripes still need to be worn with caution to avoid looking larger than you are, but fortunately most of the designs we have been seeing on the runway are very figure flattering.

For a date night striped ensemble we recommend wearing a red and black striped mini dress. Pair with red statement heels and you’ll be sure to have your date’s attention. This look is adorable and the strips are fun without being overly youthful and childish. For a more casual look you could add a striped blazer to a cute tunic top and leggings. This look is perfect for fall and the stripes on the blazer make it less formal and ideal for a casual outing.

Try The Trend Tips

Stripes can be daunting but when worn properly they can be sophisticated and classy. Here are a few tips to help you master the striped trend.

If you have a petite figure opt for vertical strips, they will make you look longer and complement your figure better.

If you have larger hips, choose strips that do not cut across your mid-section. Instead choose items that are longer because they draw the eye away from your hips.

Play with color; though black and white is the easiest and most common color combo for strips, they look great in other hues. Try red and cream or black and neon, try on different color combo and figure out what works best for your body type.