Popular winter hues tend to be neutrals, like grey, black and white, which defiantly have their place in winter fashion. But all too often women think winter fashion means packing away the bright, bold hues and making way for the boring black, white and gray clothing. But that’s not true, this year there are some great, light and bright color trends for winter fashion. On the winter runways we saw a rainbow of colors intermixed with the classics winter shades. Mint green, pastels and marigold were all refreshing colors added to this year’s winter clothing designs. As of right now we have three top colors that we highly recommending investing in for winter time. By adding these to your wardrobe you’ll never have to fear winter fashion boredom again.

Tiffany Blue

This color still channels the winter, icy vibe, but it’s bright and can breathe life into an otherwise boring winter ensemble.  Try wearing a Tiffany blue trench coat or cape this winter, pair it was black, grey or bright pink, for a color blocking effect.

Dark Purple

Purple is so royal and regal which is why it is perfect for winter time, it’s not very bright but it is bold.  Deep purple is one of those colors that add a sense on sophistication to an outfit.  For winter time a deep purple sweater would be lovely when paired with a caramel colored pencil skirt. This outfit would be ideal for the office or a business gathering.

Deep Red

Deep red tends to be a fall fashion staple, but it also has its place in snowy winter wear. Deep red and gray make for a fantastic winter color combo. For a simple chic winter outfit try pairing a deep red shift dress with knee high boots and a gray blazer. This look is sexy, classy and very flattering.