(Photo Source: thegoldengirlblog.com)

The midi metallic skirt is a super cute option for all seasons

Move aside cheetah midi skirt, you have officially been replaced by your winter counterpart. The new kid on the block has become *the* skirt to wear, made obvious from the handfuls of Instagram influencers and fashion bloggers sharing it weekly, the renditions of it seen on the red carpet, and the hundreds of choices to purchase one for yourself from fast-fashion brands to high-end options.

You better get your hands on a metallic midi skirt fast if you want to be a part of this winter trend before stores begin selling out. From business-appropriate sweaters to lingerie and coats, the metallic midi skirt is like the spice of winter fashion items—it makes any outfit immediately better.

Whether it’s a simple outfit or more fashion-forward, this option is a sure-bet at stepping up the outfit and making it memorable. With the holiday’s coming up, this piece is sure to be your best friend as you reach for it again and again to wow a crowd or your guests.

Pleated, high waisted, silk, tulle, colorful… the options are endless for this closet star. See below for various ways to wear it.