Making the most out of your makeup is something every girl should know how to do. Just because a beauty product is “meant” to be used for a specific part of your face doesn’t mean it can’t be used on another area. In fact, many makeup products have more than one use if you get creative so there’s no need to limit yourself.

One of the products that we love the most for multi-use is lipstick. See how you can use lipstick 3 different ways.

blackhoneyyAs tinted lip balm. Some days you want to keep it as natural as possible with a hint of color on your pout. While that hot pink lipstick looks great with a cat eye, for an au natural look, not so much. Apply your favorite clear lip balm on your lips and then take your ring finger, rub some of the lipstick on it, and dab on your lips. It’s the perfect amount of color while still looking natural.
As blush. Generally, your lipstick color should match the color of your cheeks. If you don’t have a blush that matches your lips, simply dab a thin layer of the lipstick on your cheeks. It looks natural and gives that perfect healthy, dewy look.
As eye shadow. If you’re running low on a certain eye shadow and have a matte lipstick that just so happens to be the same color, why not give it a go? Think of it as a cream eye shadow and apply it how you would normally. It works best with matte formulas but if you go for creamy, just set it with a translucent powder to prevent smudging.
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