2019 Is The Year Of The Hair Ribbon

From wedding dresses, red carpet dresses, to runways, hair ribbons are everywhere in all shapes and sizes – even Kate Middleton, the Dutchess of Cambridge, was caught in one.

I know what you’re thinking, and this isn’t your cheer camp hair bow. 2019’s version of the hair ribbons are are chic, nearly effortless, and the perfect way to polish off a high pony before a big event. Here’s a few of the best ways to wear a ribbon this spring.

At the Bottom of the Bun
Turn everything you know about wearing hair ribbons upside by tying a hair ribbon at the bottom of the bun. Like I said, not to cheer camp after all?

At the Bottom of a Braid
What’s the best ways to top off the hair trend of this decade …. with a romantic ribbon. Fishtails and dutchbraids are both acceptable.

As a Headband
We already know that headbands are totally in. Ribbons headbands are the epitome of style being the perfect combination of inventive and chic.

Braided in Ribbon
Full disclaimer: You might need a hair tutorial for this one! Take your braid to the next level, by braiding in a black hair ribbon. Could there be another style so fun and flirty.