There’s nothing we love more than finding products that serve for more than one purpose. Baby oil is one of those products you need to fall in love with again not only for the moisture, but also for a whole list of other things it helps with. It’s also a bargain at your local drugstore so it’s readily available for when you find yourself hauling everything there.

From makeup remover to even a jewelry detangler, see what new uses you can get out of baby oil.

Shaving oil. Baby oil is a great alternative to buying shaving creams that often leaving your skin feeling dry and itchy. Splash some warm water on your legs or whatever body part you are shaving and apply your favorite baby oil or baby oil gel liberally. It’ll help moisturize your skin while preventing any cuts.

Makeup remover. Cleansing oils are all the rage right now but, due to their booming popularity, have gotten really expensive. Use baby oil as you would your cleansing oil and then follow with a normal cleanser to get squeaky clean skin. You can also make your own cleansing pads by trying this DIY we showed you not long ago. Just substitute the coconut oil for baby oil.

Nail polish protector. Painting your own nails can get kind of messy especially when you use your non-dominant hand. Apply some baby oil on the cuticles and all around the outer part of the nails to make cleanup a whole lot easier without having to break out the varnish remover.

Jewelry detangler. Long dainty necklaces and even bracelets can be a girls worst nightmare when it gets all tangled up in to a little ball. Put a little bit of baby oil on the knot and then proceed with the untangling to make the task a little easier.

For shiny hair. Baby oil makes a great of if used in small amounts. Apply it on the ends of your hair if they’re looking a bit dry or warm up a few drops in your hands and run through your hair for overall shine.

Check out additional ways to use baby oil by watching the videos!