(Photo Credit: Jacopo Raule/ Getty Images)

Prada ditches fur for future designs

As a growing emphasis on ethics and sustainability continues to gain momentum, top designers and fashion houses are leading the way for better practices. Following an extreme decrease in fur sales and immense backlash from shoppers and fashionistas, many high-end labels have pledged to remove real furs from their upcoming designs. The latest to join in on the conversation of conservation is Prada.

Starting with their Spring/Summer 2020 collection, which just graced the runway, the brand collaborated with the Humane Society to go fur-free. This doesn’t mean they won’t be creating high-end faux options though, and the brand is taking the challenge as a testament to their creative ability to provide high-quality and sustainable faux fur options to its clientele.

And like all things in fashion, the continuous push for sustainability from the top of the pyramid is expected to trickle down the ranks to fast-fashion as well. With more customers prioritizing brands that source ethically, pay fairly, and utilize synthetics, more brands will have to follow suit in order to keep their customer base.

Along with Prada, Coach, Dianne Von Furstenberg, Gucci, and Jimmy Choo have all either already nixed furs or have made plans for when to stop the use of real furs. The Human Society is the main spearhead behind this movement and has partnered with many brands to help them create beautiful clothing in a more caring way.