The History Behind The Fashion Genius Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh is fashion’s man of the moment. His fresh aesthetic and welding together of sports culture and fashion has made him a favorite of Anna Wintour and the athleisure obsessed street style culture. Models line up to work with him. Kendall Jenner took him to the Met Gala.

So what is the what is the magic behind the DJ turned fashion designer, who prints “for walking” on fashion’s “it” girl boots.

Image Source: Pinterest

In Abloh’s recent feature interview with GQ, the designer disclosed that it was all because “fashion needed something new.”

With the help of social media and celebrities, Abloh’s first collection for Off – White shoot off the map in 2014.

According to Abloh “This isn’t a streetwear brand. This isn’t a contemporary brand. This is designer, just the same way that X, Y, Z are designer, where you say their name and it carries this whole esteem and emotion to it.”

Image Source: Pinterest

Abloh has gained a cult following. Like Karl Lagerfeld, Abloh constantly has his pulse on popular culture, making designs that are inspired by today’s youth and his background in art and architecture.

His designs have worked their way into popular culture, including his neon snake skin print ensembles which have knocked off by every fashion fashion label imaginable. In May, Abloh’s artful creations are set to be displayed during the Met Gala’s new exhibit “Camp: Notes on Fashion.”