Treating woman right is not an option, it is an obligation. It is very sad that even with the level of civilization that man has been able to attain, there is still one uncivil part we have failed to eliminate. Recent studies did show that violence against women in Latin America is so bad that it can be considered as an epidemic. It gets worse as data from the UN women and Health Organization report shows the recent statistics of the global prevalence indicating that one in every three women in the world totaling up to 35% must have suffered or is suffering from physical or sexual violence or both.

This growing wave of violence has to stop. And that is why we need to take hold of every opportunity to speak against it. Fashion is more than just wearing clothes. Fashion is a lifestyle and this lifestyle should be a major source for good.

Bringing fashion to the runway for the sole purpose of creating domestic violence awareness is one way we can use to curb the ugly head of domestic violence. And that is why events like this should be encouraged. The message against domestic violence must cut across every corner of the earth. Domestic violence should never be encouraged. We should come together to STOP THE VIOLENCE.

In this year’s November edition, models who have been affected by domestic violence hit the run way in grand style. This unique fashion show is organized also to get funds and these funds are used to provide year-round consciousness and awareness against this vile. This show is organized by the president of the Love Life Now Organization-Lovern Gordon and a survivor model Brianna Cabell.

Conclusively, domestic violence awareness should be something of a concern for all. You can join this movement in your own little way. You can be inspired to start a clothing brand or anything of interest. Just do something!