(Photo Credit: Instagram @shoreditchnails)

Ask your manicurist about almond shape nails

Check out the nuttiest new look for nails. That’s right, the newest trend in nail look and probably the hottest trend this year is almond nails. And it’s a look that you should steal today!

Almond nails are sweeping the nation. According to Pinterest, almond nails are in the top 100 trends for 2019. The look, as you have probably guessed, shapes your nails into an almond-like shape. The base is a bit wider and comes to a more rounded point, similar in shape to an almond.

The look can be worn during any season and for almost any occasion. They can be simple for that everyday look or can be elegant and over the top for more formal occasions.

The new look is replacing traditional square shaped nails and for a good reason. The almond-like shape can have an added bonus of having your hands appear longer and can even thin them out a bit versus square nails that can shorten the look of your hands.

While this look is for everyone, nails have to be traditionally longer than usual to get the perfect almond shape.