If you’re a lip balm or salve addict, you most likely have at least one of these in different parts of your house and some in your car and office. They pretty much fit anywhere and if you lose one, there’s nothing a quick Target run can’t fix. During the cold months they’re lip savers so having a few back-ups are essential to keeping your pout hydrated and protected.

But did you know that you can do a lot more with your lip balm than just moisturize your lips? They’re actually multi-taskers that can be used in a few awesome ways. Check out all the uses you can get from your lip balm:

rosesalveOn your cuticles. Your hands get dry overall during the winter and your cuticles suffer even more. To moisturize them in a pinch, apply some balm directly on the cuticles and massage it in a bit.
As a highlighter. This works better with lip salve as it’s glossier than a regular opaque lip balm. Apply the salve on high points of cheekbones to create a natural dewy glow.
As a makeup remover. If you’re low on makeup remover, you can use grab some lip balm with a cotton swab and gently get rid of stubborn makeup. Just make sure it isn’t minty or has SPF so it doesn’t irritate your eyes.
As an eyebrow gel. Keep those eyebrows in place by dabbing a bit of it on your eyebrows. Do this as the last step in your eyebrow routine.
For glossy lids. If you want to create a glossy lid simply dab some salve (because it’s glossy) on your lids. If you want to add some color, simple mix the salve and a bit of your eye shadow and apply on the lids.
Tame fly-aways. We all have baby hairs and little fly-aways at the very front of the hairline that are little rebels. Avoid using any harsh styling products and just put some lip balm on your fingers to warm it up and tame away.

To see additional uses, check out the video!