Angela Bassett, an actress best known for her performance as Tina Turner in the movie What’s Love Got to Do with It, also has her latest movie Black Panther out in theaters. She plays the role of Ramonda, the stepmother of T’Challa. Angela and her husband Courtney B. Vance were so proud of her role in Black Panther that they broke their own role of not allowing their daughters to attend red carpet events. The girls attended the premier of the movie with their parents. Queen Angela Bassett shares what “black is beautiful” means to her.

When Angela Bassett is asked about her hair, she talks about embracing her hair as you would a crown. There is so much beauty and variation in the way she can do her hair. As she got older and more mature, she appreciated the curl and kink and strength of her hair. Angela wishes that she had appreciated it earlier in life. To her, “black is beautiful” means that someone is beautiful on the inside and out. Being inwardly spiritually and emotionally beautiful is demonstrated through your health and vitality, along with the strength and resilience of your personality. Angela feels that her inner beauty comes from the inside out. Trying to stay as positive as you can in this crazy world along with cultivating a sense of joy and excitement is important.

Additionally, a sense of wonder and learning is also part of staying ageless. Angela says that part of your inward beauty is pushing through fear and trying something anyway. Keep smiling and keep shining.