(Photo Credit: Givanchy)

Ariana Grande’s New Hair Is Going Viral

It seems Ariana Grande can do literally anything to her hair and it will have people talking. From beginning as a faux redhead for her television career to crafting and sporting her signature high, long pony, to sometimes breaking away from that pony to let her long hair hang in loose curls, people talk about Ariana’s hair no matter what she does.

Most recently, Ariana was on set shooting for a video, and instead of wearing her iconic ponytail, she chose to wear her hair down in a very 60s-inspired look, and fans went absolutely wild. While we do not know what the video was for, we do know that Ariana was announced as the newest face of Givenchy back in May. Her debut collection with the luxury fashion house dropped in July for their Fall-Winter 2019-2020 campaign.

While we do not know if this will become a new iconic look for the pop star, we do know that regardless what style Ariana wears her hair in, any type of change in her look is always newsworthy.