If you spend as much time as the girls at CT do watching makeup tutorials, you’ve probably tried and failed to recreate those looks on numerous occasions. Whether you don’t have the right colors or your technique just isn’t quite there yet, getting the exact look on that YouTuber just never looks the same. They also tend to have every makeup brush ever made so it doesn’t help that most of us have maybe 10 brushes.

Lucky for you, we have a great smudged eyeliner look that only requires 1 brush and a whole lot of smudging.


What you’ll need:

An eyeliner (black or brown)
A blending brush
A metallic eye shadow of your choice (optional)

Now follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Take your eyeliner and generously run it through the waterline. Then with your pinky, get as close to the roots and smudge whatever extra eyeliner there is in that area. Eyeliner, even the waterproof kind, tends to run a bit with the moisture in your eyes so you may have to wait a minute until it runs if your eyes are on the drier side.

Step 2. Apply liner the eyelid as if creating a cat eye but without the wing. Before it dries, quickly smudge the liner all over with your ring finger. The ring finger will be gentler on the eyelid as opposed to the rest of them. When you’re done with the smudging, just blend out any harsh edges with the blending brush.

Step 3. You can stop the look at the previous step but if you want a bit of color, dab a bit of metallic eye shadow on the lid. It’ll liven up the look as black can be a bit draining. Finish of with mascara if you want and you’re good to go!
(Cover image: GLAMOUR)