If there’s one product that can do the most magic on anyone’s face, it is definitely contouring powder. They come in powder or cream forms but both are easy to use. Contouring can help restructure your face without every having to go under the knife and can be as inexpensive as your morning Starbucks green tea latte. Needles to say, it’s a must for anybody wanting to slim their face down or creat stronger features.


Here are a few tips when looking for the perfect contouring powder or cream.

1. Pick the right color for your skin. The general rule is to go 2~3 shades darker than your own skintone and stick to one that matches your undertones as well. By not doing so, the contour can look unnatural as it may look too warm or too cool.

2. Cream or Powder. Both work just as fine but powder tends to stay on your face longer as opposed to cream that may slide off of your face after a few hours if you don’t set it. While cream looks more natural, it also calls for an extra step.

3. It must be matte. Whichever contouring product you use, it should be matte. This creates natural shadows on your skin and hides imperfections. Shimmer, on the other hands, defies the reason for contouring as it brings out the area were it’s applied. Benefit’s “Hoola” is one of the best matte bronzers around.

4. Foundation. There’s no reason to buy a bronzer, dark foundation works just as well. It often looks more natural so if you have it on your vanity it’s a good way to use it. We like Tom Ford’s stick foundation in “warm almond”.

Check out the video for the best contouring products.