(Photo Credit: Patrick Ta Beauty)

This makeup trend will be big for the new year

The monochromatic look has taken over the world of fashion—it gives a sleek and uniform vibe while still being playful, trendy, and young. The trend has become so popular it has migrated from just clothing and into the world of beauty, as monochromatic makeup looks have taken over red carpets, Instagram posts, and photoshoots.

The monochromatic makeup features a slightly less literal version of the clothing choice. While in fashion a wearer would quite literally only wear one tone in various shades, that’s simply not as realistic on the face. Instead, it revolves around the idea of keeping tones neutral and steering clear of any smokey eyes or bold lips. No sharp contours and intense highlights, just an even tone of warm natural colors.

(Photo Source: refinery29.com)

Pinky-nude lips, light blush-bronzer combos with eyeshadow to match, the monochromatic look capitalizes off of the “no makeup” makeup look. This look is perfect for the holidays as it will not clash with any bright colors or sequins. Instead, it will complement anything from rosy red to hot pink, emerald green sequins, and even a simple black-on-black ensemble.

The best way to achieve the look is to buy products from the same line and brand to ensure all the tones will be similar and made with the same undertone colors. Whether you’re trying out this look for the office or the office party, the simplicity of it will wow everyone.