(Photo Source: BusinessWire.com/Calvin Klein)

Calvin Klein creates a fragrance and clothing line for all genders

The massively adored “CK One” is getting an update with Calvin Klein’s launch of “CK Everyone,” poised to recapture the cult status of its 90s predecessor.

The eco-conscious scent, created by famed perfumer Alberto Morillas (who created “CK One” as well) has been formulated by use of 79% of naturally-sourced ingredients, says WWD. The packaging itself is made from 30% post-consumer recycled materials. While largely citrus-themed, the unisex/genderless fragrance also includes notes of cedarwood, blue tea accord, and organic orange oil.

When it launched back in 1994, “CK One” made considerable waves in the fragrance arena – and beyond. Branded as the first unisex scent, it smudged the lines between genders (back then, the talk was still limited to men and women, only) and quickly garnered a cult status for its universally applicable fresh, zesty scent, that remains a staple in fragrance collections of millions, to this day.

We are in 2020 now and, consumerism has evolved over the past 25 years. The powers that be at Calvin Klein have taken note, deciding to boost the new fragrance release with an accompanying line of clothing, featuring jeans, hoodies, t-shirts and – this being Calvin Klein after all –underwear. The line, slated for release later this year, also has an eco-conscious aspect with a capsule collection of select underwear and t-shirts made from recycled plastic water bottles.

“It’s a collection relevant for the next generation of consumers,” Cheryl Abel-Hodges, chief executive officer of Calvin Klein Inc., explained to WWD. “There’s a natural connection when we look at our fragrances and underwear business. Consumers buy cross-category from Calvin, so it made a lot of sense to go to market more powerfully together,” she adds.

Captured by photographer and director Glen Luchford, the inclusive campaign for the release stars actor Eliot Sumner, skater and photographer Evan Mock, musician and makeup artist MLMA, rapper and dancer Priddy the Opp and models Cara Taylor and Parker Van Noord.

The major tagline behind it is “the many aspects of self,” according to the brand.