Serena Williams is just like any other working mom (besides the fact that she is one of the best female athletes in the entire world). The new mom hates being away from her baby for she fears she is going to miss out on monumental moments in her daughters life. Well the fear became reality when her daughter took her first steps without her. Williams was competing in Wimbledon when she got the news and was extremely distraught.

She tweeted, “She took her first steps… I was training and missed it. I cried.” Fortunately, she had a team of super moms behind her. After she expressed her mommy guilt, moms from everywhere offered their support. Moms included Alison Bender, Chrissy Teigen, and Jaime Primak. Teigen tweeted, “She is practicing so you can see the real ones.” Jaime Primak tweeted, “It doesn’t count until mommy sees it. Nothing counts until mommy sees it.”

A lot of moms emphasized how strong of a woman she is and how she is empowering not only her own daughter, but little girls around the world.

We are all rooting for you Serena!