(Photo Source: hellomagazine.com)

Style runs in these families

With the busy lives that celebrities live, often with all of us watching, sometimes it feels impossible to think that celebrities can put one more thing on their plates. But without fail, so many of them do. Recently, we discovered that there are seven well-known celebrities who not only hold their own busy, personal careers, but they also began clothing and lifestyle companies for children.

One of these people is Gabrielle Union, who partnered with New York & Co. to release a line inspired by her daughter. Kanye West released a Yeezy collection in collaboration with Adidas where he carries a limited availability pair. Jessica Simpson and Sarah Jessica Parker have both released limited-edition collections with places like The Gap, and even Shakira released a collection of baby toys.

One wildly popular company built by a celebrity for kids is The Honest Company which was launched by Jessica Alba. She carries a large variety of items for kids, including things like bath supplies, diapers, wipes, diaper bags, and more. Additionally, Jennifer Garner’s organic baby food company, Once Upon A Farm, recently made history as the first company to provide organic baby food to WIC shoppers.