There are countless things that women everywhere do to maintain a beautiful appearance; from expensive face creams to luxurious body and hair oils, we all spend a pretty penny to look beautiful. But did you know that beautiful hair, skin, and nails usually reflect how your body is on the inside? Sure, everyone knows that water will keep your skin hydrated and helps to detox but water alone isn’t enough. Beauty supplements are the best way to encourage your body internally to make sore stronger hair and nails and beautiful skin.

Here are a few vitamins to look in to if you’re having beauty concerns:

Vitamin E: Helps dull skin look more radiant and has anti-ageing effects. It can help with scarring, acne, and wrinkles because it speeds up cell regeneration.
Biotin: Promotes healthy hair and nail growth because it improves keratin infrastructure.
Vitamin C: Promotes healthy, radiant skin and improves the regulation of collagen for a wrinkle-free face. It’s also an anti-oxidant so even if you don’t take it in vitamin form, fruits like kiwis and oranges help your vitamin C intake.

These are a few of our picks for beauty vitamins. It’s best to check with your doctor for exact doses to prevent from taking more than you should.