The best type of makeup a girl can wear during the cold, frigid months is dewy makeup. It makes your skin look luminous and hydrated which the cold temperatures can strip away from your skin naturally. Additionally, it also protects your skin when you go out or when you’re stuck inside where there’s a heater blasting and sucking the moisture out from your skin so it’s perfect for winter in many different ways.


Having dewy skin is simpler than it seems and you don’t have to buy any additional skincare or makeup products if you don’t want. Starting with a perfectly moisturized face is key for glowing skin, but to make your foundation or BB cream look glowy you should mix a 2:1 ratio of foundation and face cream or face oil. Not only will your face look dewy but it will prevent the makeup from looking cakey. Brands like MAC make dewy primers but if you want to quench your skin’s thirst whilst making it glow, Tatcha makes an amazing dewy skin mist that we’re sure you’ll love.

If you don’t want your whole face to glow because your skin is on the oilier side, highlight your cheekbones with a liquid highlighter that’s mixed with your favorite face oil like maracuja or jojoba oil for a healthy glow. Don’t forget to do so above your eyebrows and chin as well.

For a tutorial on simple dewy makeup, tune into the video.