Ah, the bath bombs. After a long day of hard work at the office or a tough day at school, taking a relaxing warm bath with the aroma of essential oils of a bath bomb and a room lit with only lavender scented candles sounds like the perfect way to unwind. But if you ran out of your favorite bubble bath bomb, it kills the whole vibe and flat water won’t do the trick.

What if we told you that making your favorite bath bombs was as easy as mixing a few products from your pantry and your essential oils collection? Hard to believe but bath bombs are one of the easiest DIY things to make. If you want to try this out, you’ll need the following:

1. 8oz of baking soda
2. 4oz of cornstarch
3. 4oz of Epsom salt
4. 4 tbsp. of cream of tartar
5. ¾ tbsp. of water
6. 2 tbsp. of your favorite essential oil or fragrance
7. 2 ½ tbsp. of vegetable oil
8. 1 or 2 drops of your favorite food coloring color

Mix the dry ingredients separately from the wet and then combine both. Form the mixture into a ball or a plastic ornament for a perfect shape and set overnight. And voila! You can have a relaxing bath time any day you want.