When you think about a sweater dress, high fashion doesn’t always come to mind. In fact, it can be quite boring and reminds us more of something that you’d wear at a low-key family holiday party.

It’s not the most exciting article of clothing that you may have in your closet but it is one of the most versatile items knowing how to style it right.


The best colors to have a sweater dress are usually neutrals solid colors like beige or black since these colors can be easily paired up with other neutrals.

We like a basic black because it’ll make you look slimmer since sweater material can be a little thick.

For a more modern and cool vibe, make sure it’s loose fitting because this way it doesn’t commit to just one type of style; you can wear it with white Converse sneakers just as well as if you wore it with the ever cute Charlotte Russe kitty flats.


As we mentioned before, the possibilities are endless with the right sweater dress and you can dress it up for work adding a buttoned down underneath it or you can dress it down by wearing some Converse and a messy ponytail.

Experiment with different shoes, accessories, and jewelry but if you need additional ideas, check out the video.