Fresh faced makeup is becoming a big trend as many celebrities and runways are opting for it instead of a fully made-up face. More and more women are realizing that to have perfect skin it’s better to invest in skincare that will take care of the problem instead of buying makeup that will only hide it temporarily. This in turn is resulting in a more natural makeup that showcases your true beauty.


The “no makeup” makeup look can be achieved by following a few simple steps.

1. Start with a moisturized face. Luminous skin is always properly moisturized so don’t skip this step when applying makeup.

2. Light foundation. Apply on to the areas where you need foundation the most like redness around the nose or discoloration around the mouth. If you absolutely need it on your whole face, apply only a thin layer. For extra dewy skin, add some face oil or moisturizer to your foundation.

3. Concealer. Conceal your under eyes and any little blemishes.

4. Eyebrows. Fill them in lightly where the hair is sparse and keep your natural shape.

5. Mascara. Apply only a coat or two to lightly curled lashes for a more awakened eye.

6. Lips. Use a lip tint or balm that resembles your own lip color.

7. Blush. Use a cream blush for a more natural look that also resembles your own natural blush.

8. Powder. Only apply powder to the areas where you are prone to produce oil like the T-zone.

Use these tips and you’ll be sure to have the best “no makeup” makeup look!