Acne can be a real pain to cover no matter what age you are. Although teens are notorious for having acne, many adults suffer from it too and can be quite embarrassing. Although proper skincare and healthy living is key for treating acne, eating an apple right now won’t make that huge spot on your chin go away. Makeup, on the other hand, will at least conceal it until it goes away for good.


We have some great tips if you’re suffering from problematic skin or even the occasional spots. It’ll conceal your acne while boosting you confidence. Here are our tips for covering acne.

1. Use a green primer. The green will help reduce redness and will fill in your pores for an even more flawless face. Revlon and Smashbox both make great green primers.
2. Any light to medium foundation will do. Foundation should only be used to even out your skin tone and slightly cover blemishes. Using a thick foundation will suffocate your skin causing even more breakouts.
3. Don’t use more than 2 layers of foundation. This will prevent your skin from looking cakey and unnatural.
4. Thick concealer. Concealer is key for covering up your blemishes. It’s high coverage and you only need a bit. If you have dry skin, go for a creamier type. Dab with your fingers and don’t pull the product down for a more natural finish.
5. Setting powder. Set your concealer with a universal powder so that it stays in place.

Try these tips next time you want flawless, natural coverage when your skin is problematic.